PHA Consulting a division of Kubas Keller Associates (K2) is a small business enterprise established in 2001 to meet the needs of public and subsidized housing providers and other nonprofit organizations. Preceding the formation of K2 and PHA Consulting, Mr. Keller and Kubas collectively have 30 years of experience (as detailed in our résumé’s) in servicing housing authorities nationally.

PHA Consulting is a management and consulting firm whose principals, Roman Kubas and Joseph Keller, lead a core team that provides high quality, diverse, and affordable services to Housing Authorities nationwide. The firm specializes in providing technical assistance to Public Housing Authorities covering Financial Administration, Fee Accounting, MIS Department and software related issues, Housing Management and Procurement. PHA Consulting is full service consulting firm with a diverse range of services. The principals in the firm possess particular expertise in governmental accounting and finance. PHA Consulting is also experienced in directly managing and operating distressed public housing agencies.

PHA Consulting is an organization of professionals guided by moral code, citizenship, and mission. Our clients are assigned a team that has a long history of cooperative work, familiarity with each other's work style and commitment to each and every job. We take pride in our company and in the services we provide.