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General Housing Authority Experience

Hope VI, Tax Credit, Mixed Financing –
PHA Consulting in conjunction with our strategic partners is one of the nation’s foremost firms working on Hope VI and other affordable housing programs. PHA Consulting has participated in several Hope VI and public housing redevelopment and modernization projects and has vast experience in all aspects of the Hope VI program. With an extremely broad base of experience to draw on, we are intimately familiar with the program’s numerous goals and the obstacles that may arise in the course of reaching those goals.

Procurement, Contracting and Inventory Control –
PHA Consulting has been involved in developing procurement and contracting systems and procedures manuals. Development and implementation of inventory control systems ranging from central to area-based, to decentralized project-based systems. We have experience in all areas of procurement, from the purchasing and handling of maintenance-related materials and supplies to soliciting bids from and contracting with professional service providers.

Maintenance Operations -
Experience in Maintenance Operations covers all aspects of the delivery of essential maintenance services, including the development of effective work order systems, preventive maintenance programs, HQS inspection and correction programs, repair programs to reduce routine maintenance needs, and effective training.

Organizational Structure -
PHA Consulting has been involved in the reorganization of individual departments and entire public housing organizations. Reorganization activities have included developing management policies and procedures, recruiting and hiring new staff, creating personnel management procedures, establishing communications and operational planning systems, and designing, developing, and implementing training programs.

Modernization - Our modernization experience has ranged from the administration of the Capital Fund Program (CFP) and Replacement Housing Factor (RHF) to Hope VI grants. We have worked in developing Annual Statements for PHAs and established procedures to track expenditures, and undertake monthly reporting requirements to HUD. We have also provided assistance in grant reconciliation, financial reporting for HOPE VI and mixed finance budgeting.

Occupancy Programs -
Occupancy Programs have included marketing plans and programs, new admissions and occupancy programs, and vacancy reduction programs. PHA Consulting has been involved in developing relationships between good maintenance, resident satisfaction, and good screening practices, including how they can affect daily operations. We have also assisted in the drafting and development of ACOP procedures and manuals.

Financial Management and Accounting - PHA Consulting possesses experience including the development of effective financial management and workout plans to address the needs of PHAs. Actual direct experience in the development of rent collection and tenant accounts receivable systems and programs, budget reporting and planning systems (i.e., program and property-based income and expense reporting systems), selecting and installing new accounting systems, and audit management are just a part of the our experience in this area. We have developed many training manuals and procedures in financial management for PHAs. We recognize the integral role that financial management and accounting systems play in the procurement and inventory control processes. These processes can assist the HA in developing and implementing procedures that will use these resources effectively.

Project Management and Project-Based Accounting -
Our experience in this area is extensive. We have worked directly in the effective implementation of comprehensive management plans to move housing developments to decentralized management systems and other management alternatives. The integration of management systems and responsibilities for delivery at the site level is a major feature of the approach for addressing the needs of severely distressed public housing agencies and housing developments. Effective PHA management must address the delivery of essential operating services at the public housing site level to result in improvements at the PHA that positively effect the quality of life of public housing residents.

Internal Controls and Audits -
PHA Consulting has direct experience in the development of internal audit and control programs for public housing. Systems for internal audit and quality control are treated within the context of normal PHA operations. No organization should ignore the need to adequately ensure that internal control systems and procedures are in place and operational at the agency. We have direct experience in assessing problems, designing solutions and implementing improvement programs in all of the above areas. In addition to performing audits, we have the knowledge and experience to assist with the preparation and guidance through the audit process.

Troubled HA Assessments -
PHA Consulting recently has been engaged by the HUD’s Recovery Prevention Corps to access troubled small housing authorities. We have to date assessed many agencies and provided HUD with a comprehensive review of financial and management operations along with the development of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and/or Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for each agency.

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