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PHA Consulting possesses over a thirty-combined years of practical operational experience in the successful provision of services to low-income housing providers. These technical assistance services include the following services:

  • Implementation of Site-based budgeting, accounting, and reporting;

  • Accounting services, including monthly, quarterly or annual assistance;

  • Budget development, including strategic planning and financial accounting and reporting procedures, as well as fiscal controls;

  • Managing fiscal operations for any size housing authority;

  • Preparing REAC FDS submissions, audit support and related technical assistance;

  • Providing technical financial assistance and accounting support for tax credit applications and all aspects of Hope VI development activity.

  • Training seminars, for in-house staff and Board of Commissioners;

  • Preparation and submission of Annual Plans;

  • PHAS deficiency assessments and improvement solutions;

  • Reviewing Information Technology systems, including system selection, implementation, and disaster recovery procedure manuals;

  • Reviewing administrative staffing and organization, personnel management, personnel policies and procedures;

  • Reviewing occupancy functions, including but not limited to resident selection, leasing of units, rent calculations and collection, annual reexamination of family composition and income, transfers, marketing and outreach programs, and evictions;

  • Assessing procurement policy, procedures, and inventory control systems;

  • Reviewing the administration of capital improvement programs, including cost estimating and knowledge of bidding and contracting procedures; and

  • Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) scoring enhancement;

* Our additional management and consulting experience includes the Employer Consulting Unit led by Kevin Gordon, CPA. This unit provides full service pension plan administration support. The unit is responsible for the review of various aspects of qualified plans, including document writing, form submission, correspondence with Plan Administrators, and record keeping for plans. This unit also does have extensive experience providing the housing industry with human resource functions ranging from employee health care plans to personal and business insurance.

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