Leading people, managing change, and delivering results are the focus of the PHA Consulting approach. We help our clients accomplish this by providing consultation, training, facilitation, and assessment services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the HA. A tremendous benefit to working with PHA Consulting is the close and continuous relationship we develop with each client, a relationship built on trust. All our services are directed at the organization so that the client’s needs are addressed in a strategic, systematic, and systemic manner. We are interested in helping Housing Agencies become self sufficient – not developing dependency on us.

Strategic Alliances
How can a core team from a small firm provide high quality, diverse, and affordable services to our clients? We do it through strategic alliances— partnerships based on long-term commitment to our corporate philosophy of providing options for productivity through people.

Seeking Alliances to Meet Client Needs
PHA Consulting draws on a variety of talents to provide our clients with responsive solutions, exceptional quality, and a great return on their investment. We form strategic alliances with:

Associates are employees who work full-time or part-time exclusively for PHA Consulting. When developing proposals, deciding which projects to take on, or deciding which clients to work with, one of the key factors in this selection is that PHA Consulting is committed to securing work that provides individual development, organizational learning, and the opportunity to team with other subject matter experts. Honoring this commitment is the primary way that we attract and retain top-notch professionals.

Consortium Members

PHA Consulting retains an assembly of professionals who augment the ranks of our firm. These individuals bring knowledge, skills, and capabilities that are needed for a particular client project. Consortium members are often independent consultants. They sometimes bring work to PHA Consulting, which they cannot accomplish individually or when they prefer to work with a team of trusted colleagues.


Partners are other firms that team with PHA Consulting in much the same way as consortium members. These partners generally add technical capability to proposal development and project implementation. PHA Consulting also works with firms who are seeking alliances with a management-consulting firm to help them meet the needs of their customers.